Making the best first impression starts with your logo design, It is the heart and face of your brand.

What Is Vector Art?

Vector art, is any image that’s created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.When you create an image in Adobe Illustrator
(or in Freehand or CorelDRAW), you are creating a vector graphic and these images are easy to resize or rescale and result
in a better quality graphic. However, when you create an image in a program like Adobe Photoshop, you are creating a bitmap
graphic, which is not a vectored format. A vector graphic retains its crispness at any magnification, but a bitmap graphic
appears jagged when it’s enlarged.Because vector-based images are not made up of a specific number of dots, they can be scaled
to a larger size and not lose any image quality. If you blow up a raster graphic, it will look blocky, or “pixelated.

Top Rated Graphic Design Specialist:

Logo and identity design is one of our passions, Matchless Embroidery is a U.S based company we are providing services of vector
art over 15 years of professional experience, to 500 companies and small businesses.We have 6 top
rated graphic design specialist with 8 years of experience.

Digital Printing:

Our job is to make you look good on paper. Quality printing can help your business make a lasting impression on your customers
and clients.We offer high quality and quick turn-around at competitive prices and we are able to provide you these services Logo
Creation, Banner design, Visiting Card, Brochure, Pamphlet Textile design specialist and RGB color & CMYK Color Design Creator.

Vinyl & Plotter Cutting:

Matchless EMB’s Designer has more than 20 years of experience in print design and adaptation of layouts for different methods of
printing and any technical requirements.Deep knowledge of all printing and post-printing technologies.Design of catalogues,
white papers, reports, advertisements, posters and POS materials, Book and eBook layout and Localization of layouts.

Engraving & Sign Cutting:

To Engrave your name or your logo you need a good file like a vector, We have been preparing vector graphics since 2009 for
many different purposes including Leather engraving, glass engraving,metal engraving,wood engraving, all type Embossing and
sign cutting.

Live Sketch Artist:

Matchless Embroidery has a artis who can make your live sketch or you can send us your real pictures to convert them into high
quality vector art to print them on a shirt or you can engrave it on your car keychain,

Professional Image Editing:

Vector files can be resized in a number of ways without sacrificing image quality,meaning that they’re ideal for use on the web or
print. Be it a logo, illustration or product you want to represent in a new way,we offer a 100% handmade raster to vector
conversion image-editing service.background removal service, photo retouching services, photo restoration services and Wedding/Events.


Ai, Eps, Cdr, Pdf and others.


We now offer color separation services to all of our customers. You simply tell us which type of separations you would like us to work out and we will have the separated file to you within 4 hours.

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